Bad Braids – Arrow and Orb

Bad Braids – Arrow and Orb


Original 2012 pressing; limited to 500 copies, black 12″ vinyl records with full colour centre labels in full colour jackets with photography by Robert Moses Joyce…

Like a secret told between the closest of friends lying in a sea of honeysuckle & bathed by a distant sun; the sad, sweet songs on this album feel as though they should traipse the lips of few and grace the ears of even fewer. Unlike such a secret, Arrow and Orb contains such a powerful brand of melancholy that emotion itself becomes an inverse function, barreling through the tunnels and hills of some distant dreamfield like the magnificent wings of some long-forgotten phoenix. Fire and brimstone meet the will of a suffocating ocean, handing smoldering, quiet passages of vocals and guitar into a whirlwind of bells, whistles, mandolin, percussion, bass, and more.

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