Arovane & Mike Lazarev – Aeon

Arovane & Mike Lazarev – Aeon


“In December of 2017, Uwe and I started working on a project developing a particular musical language in exchange of thematic ideas. In my London studio, I would record minimal piano pieces, often late at night, sometimes with the windows open, to capture every sound resonating from the instrument. Uwe would deconstruct these compositions even further, extracting the brush of my fingers, the fall of the hammers, the breath of the strings. We both aspired to delve into this instrument and play with all of the sounds living within, as heard from the inside. Many ideas would come from Uwe in the form of a sketch, an aural vocabulary, or a sonic brochure, which I would interpret through a pair of closely placed microphones. There are even fewer melodies and even more spacial pianism on here than in my previous solo reductionist works, which Uwe so masterfully extracted with his experienced ear. In this incredible partnership, we have discovered a new dimension within the piano, which we are honoured to share with you” – Mike Lazarev

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