Andrew Tasselmyer – Resonant Moments

Andrew Tasselmyer – Resonant Moments


Handmade artwork, each hand numbered. Different colored wallets with envelopes.  Wallets 250g paper, outside cover envelope 120g paper, transparent bag…

Looking back on the past year – the most fulfilling of my life – I find particular truth in Benjamin’s eloquent description of the power of resonant memories to transcend time and context. My reflection doesn’t reveal frozen, sequential timestamps; rather, these experiences live, breathe, and resonate even more today than they did when they occurred. Time collapses. – AT

Similarly, this album is my necessary attempt to distill individual sights, sounds, and feelings from December 2015 – October 2016 into a tangible collection. Field recordings capturing particularly Resonant Moments across the US, Canada, China, India, and the Caribbean were injected into the most honest reflections I could compose.

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