Andrea Ferraris / Matteo Uggeri – Autumn Is Coming

Andrea Ferraris / Matteo Uggeri – Autumn Is Coming


Experimental music, by its very nature, is often unconcerned with melody; other qualities of sound and music are explored, taken apart and reconstructed with the intent of presenting the listener with surprising new ways to engage with the listening experience. Many commendable aural experiences have been produced by mere tweaking of single variables within sound; much of the ambient canon relies on a relatively minimal bag of tricks. It is, however, clear from the outset that “Autumn is Coming…” is a very different beast indeed.

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Andrea Ferraris and Matteo Uggeri have crafted an album that is as much concerned with homespun melody as it is with inspired experimentation. The tension between these opposing forces has been perfectly calibrated to provide a delightfully balanced and engaging collection of tracks.


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