Amnon Wolman – Sustains

Amnon Wolman – Sustains


‘Sustains’ is an hypnotic journey to Mr. Wolman’s musical personality, a journey into sound and silence, thoughts and feelings, mixed together in a unique way… and the journey sustains, fades in and out of a dream like state where the music is no longer only define notes and sound structures – it is a whole living form.


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‘Sustains’ contains sound pieces, samples and original sound synthesis structures which has a strong sense of orchestral and classical music being digitally processed, experimental drones in form of dark matter, sound of the inner life of machines, instruments, and humans, creating gentle fragments of existence to produce a coherent creation of fine art. Music at its most pure moments as a form of art where there’s no need for images or expressive symbols to generate a process… yet the music, on top of being a musical inspiration per se, creates musical moments as cinematic as an avant-garde film.


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