Alex Durlak – Seconds

Alex Durlak – Seconds


The album has been pressed as a single-sided 12” on white vinyl. On the blank side of the disc, an excerpt of a short story written by Algernon Blackwood in 1906 has been printed in black ink. The discs fits inside a custom made jacket that features a pocket made of translucent paper to allow the disc to be viewed while inside the jacket. On the front side is a full colour photograph taken by the artist. EPIC!!!

Seconds is the third and final piece in a series of recordings made by Alex Durlak in March 2010. The first was released as Catalyst (2010) on the Rural Routes series and was followed by Lowing (2010) on the Audio Gourmet net label. All three feature Durlak’s guitar playing being processed in realtime using granular synthesis techniques and were recorded in single improvised takes; a minimal approach that makes for a deep and complicated sound with little reference to its original source. Seconds is an ever changing narrative through a dark and open space, perhaps a walking tour through an abandoned factory with it’s machinery left running or the soundtrack to a time lapse video of steel being cut under an electron microscope.

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