Aldinucci / M. Gri – Segmenti

Aldinucci / M. Gri – Segmenti


Limited edition: elegant handmade sleeve with cover album in polaroid format inside the eco packaging…

Segmenti is the first album born in 2016 by the artistic collaboration between Giulio Aldinucci and Francis M. Gri. A strong emotional work recorded in a difficult year that has definitely influenced the creative process of the five songs. Earthquakes, terrorist attacks, social fractures, walls, hatred, fear, are tragic events that have certainly shaped the sound of this album. An hypnotic and pulsating sound that combines two different styles naturally balanced in “Segmenti”.

Ambient textures and field recordings, piano and guitar are the instruments that the two musicians have used to give rise to an unrelenting flow of kaleidoscopic sound suggestions.

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