Alaskan Tapes – You Were Always An Island

Alaskan Tapes – You Were Always An Island


You Were Always An Island opens with a downpour of rain. Staring out at its constant fall, listeners can only wait for it to stop. The music’s already waiting: for someone, and for a moment that will never arrive…

Alaskan Tapes aids in the clear-up operation, helping to cleanse the air if not the growing solitude. Quiet drones and sullen strings dispel the rain, but it lingers in the streets, overflowing around the mouth of its gutter. The music has been invaded by a longing which spreads like a tendril of ink in clear water, bruising the atmosphere with its purple, sour colour.

An event shakes the soul with the magnitude of an earthquake. In this case, the cruelty of distance and the greater cruelty of war which separates a couple. As a man leaves to fight, his beloved has no other choice but to wait for his return. She sends unanswered prayers. His absence grows longer with every sunset. Unable to wait and growing increasingly anxious, she sets off to look for him, a lighthouse offering a faint lifeline in the gathering gloom, only to sadly learn of his death. The separation is permanent – death us do part.

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Made by hand,

Two tone / 4 panel hand made letter-pressed Somerset cotton CD covers, glass mastered CD, 12 x hand drawn images by the artist printed on luxury Gesso card (size A6) / 1 x vintage (Circa 1890 – 1919) glass negative / patchouli scent. All of the above rests inside stitched / sealed glassine bags, individually hand numbered on stamped tags. Download code

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