Aaron Martin – A Room Now Empty

Aaron Martin – A Room Now Empty


Aaron Martin’s album “A Room Now Empty” sees him returning to the memory-based recordings of previous albums such as “Almond”, “River Water” and “Chautauqua”, where layered meanings in the music and titles don’t allow a single clear-cut reading of the music.

“A Room Now Empty is similar to the concept of Day Has Ended where Christoph Berg and I created music to encompass the passing of a day, but stretched out for the passing of a lifetime or at least a portion of a lifetime,” says Aaron.

Using cello, electric guitar, bass, roll up piano, banjo, concertina, acoustic guitar, voice, ukulele, singing bowls and lap steel, “A Room Now Empty” keeps the same intimacy and directness of Aaron’s previous albums, with a slightly more processed sound creating distance within the music.

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