3+: Kazesarai (Deluxe CD)

3+: Kazesarai (Deluxe CD)


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This deluxe, limited version comes in an edition of just 80 copies. Each 6″ square, uniquely collaged, inner green envelope owes a debt to both the masters of Ikebana and Bonsai… both collage forms in their own right, and its imagery channels these ancient arts in a modern and abstracted paper arts fashion. Each inner envelope comes in an outer, hand stamped and tagged translucent vellum envelope, and is also wrapped in a full tissue “obi” made from the pages of a 50 year old book of Bonseki, tray landscape art. This tissue obi when removed becomes, with a votive candle, a paper lantern! An inner, sewn CD sleeve is made from pages of a vintage book of Japanese flower/pattern design.

“Kazesarai” is the newest release from Japanese artist(s) 3+, from the Time Released Sound label. This gentle beauty is a somewhat minimalistic, electronically treated piano based journey into a fantasy landscape of gently rustling bamboo and reeds… flowing rivers… and mountainous mists… the stuff that dreams are made of, indeed…!


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