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    Various – Vernacular (2 x CD)

    This compilation collects a gathering of 15 sound artists from 11 countries. Released as a double CD compilation album with a 16-page booklet, V.A. / VERNACULAR connects the past and future of theelectronica, ambient, and experimental scenes, using the locality of each artists country as the theme…

    1-1 –Hior Chronik Sketches Of You
    1-2 –Steve Roden If Here, Not There, If Not There, Then Here
    1-3 –Yui Onodera Blue Planet Sky (For 21st Century Museum Of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
    1-4 –Janek Schaefer Rest In Peace Knowing The Sound Of Angels
    1-5 –Kenneth Kirschner July 10, 2012
    1-6 –Simon Scott Adventurers Fen
    1-7 –Tu M’ Tenebrae
    2-1 –Federico Durand Magnolia
    2-2 –Dale Lloyd Extra Ordinary, Extra Regular
    2-3 –Jos Smolders Vangsaa: Revisited, Reduced
    2-4 –Yves De Mey Local Fracs
    2-5 –Kim Cascone A Spectacle Of Malleable Glass – Alchemisphere Three
    2-6 –Troum Welcen
    2-7 –John Grzinich* Animate Structures #2 (Wires, Wind, Snow)
    2-8 –Lawrence English Breaking Clouds Apart

    £14.00 £8.00
    £14.00 £8.00