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    Doron Sadja – Residuals

    Limited edition CD with deluxe oversized sleeve and accompanying prints by the artist… “Residuals” is a four movement, hyper-emotive, ultra-synthetic landscape. Doron’s first solo electronics release since 2003′s “a piece of string, a sunset” on 12k – and it’s in that same realm that his endlessly imaginative sound design shines brightest. Slowly lifting off from near silence into an ethereal vacuum of swirling cacophonies and multi-tonal noise, “Residuals” never lets go. Romantic synthesizer harmonies, extreme frequencies, spectral chord blasts, and ultra-high synthesized feedback combine to form structures so innately organic that it’s easy to forget that a human (or a computer, for that matter) had anything to do with it.  
    £8.00 Quickview