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    Steinbrüchel + Cory Allen – Seam

    Fourteen months and countless folders of audio files later, Steinbrüchel and Cory Allen offer their first collaborative album entitled «Seam». An intensive and process driven work period resulted in an album that integrates the two artist’s individual soundworlds. Each sound was processed and multiplied by both artists, forming a sound archive of individual threads. The compositions were then sewn and stitched together using the collection of the archive. Connecting each composition is an inbetween thread which weaves the album’s tracks together. The «- — – –» audio process was extended into the design and production of the physical packaging. The cover design is based on a system which reflects the track order and the artists’ contributions to the creation of the compositions. Each of the 400 limited edition CD packagings were offset printed and machine stitched in Switzerland. Cover concept and design by ORDNER. Mastered by Cory Allen.
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    Cory Allen – Pearls

    Cory Allen’s ‘Pearls’ is one of those albums that don’t want you to get too comfortable. The album’s press release suggests that it explores ‘existential landscape’ – two words I don’t think I’ve ever seen put together before with regards to music, but somehow fitting. The album is not exactly inviting but isn’t cold either. It is an album that has a clearly defined narrative in a way that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Allen is always working toward an end goal and there is an almost existential philosophical statement in this small self-contained album.
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