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    Jeff Gburek – The Watermark

    First conceived as the stain of water on paper. Irremovable. The identify of a particular action. Irreversible. Then the tracing of that action, in this case a melodic fragment or tone cluster, with painstaking exactitude, to create a forgery of the accident. Form born from seeming chaos or which reveals a kind of coherence that underscores the cosmos. It’s all right. It’s all wrong. See-saw in your playground. Next thought of as the manner the signature is added to what I do without my knowing it. In what I do. In each case, some little detail that marks out and yet implies the agent. A way to remain, yours truly. Thirdly, the color of water itself and the color of now. There is the place where I make this. It’s not the physical apartment but the space machine that I call Villa dei Misteri. Let’s call a studio. I have been receiving rare but welcome visits and a few of these tracks are the result of such meetings.
    £6.00 Quickview