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    Modo Koagon – Ebb


    Record comes with 8-page booklet. All jackets and inserts assembled by hand and numbered, limited edition of 100, includes download code…

    “An eclectic trove of trinket-collage, field recordings, cling-clang, jazzy sax, synthery and percussive blips and rips; MK’s third release is his first as a solo artist and truly showcases his prowess, bringing sensitively crafted intricacies to the forefront. If peace is what you’re after then sprawl out and jam this ditty biddies!” –  Buffalotones

    Music and Artwork by Modo Koagon.

    Instruments and Sounds: Field recordings, prepared guitar, contact mics, voice, music box, home videos, kazoo, found objects, portable radio, Yamaha PSR E313, found sounds, theremin, harmonica, effects pedals, Monotron Delay, trumpet mouthpiece.

    £13.00 £8.00
    £13.00 £8.00