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    Ouvala – Multiperspectivity

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    Pre-order: Ships 5th October, 2018... Inside the handmade gatefold CD booklet you will find hand-stamped inserts, printed on recycled paper stock sitting inside a wavy insert pocket, two hand-stamped mini CD-R's, all wrapped-up in a hand-numbered obi strip and packed inside cellophane bags for total freshness. ... Ouvala are Ian Hawgood and Tim Diagram, their first album "Psychology Of Colour" was released on Fluid Audio in 2016. Ouvala "Multiperspectivity" is the most-recent handiwork and features nine collaborative pieces, thrown back and forth several times. It is a characteristic of sound, short stories and mystical adventures where both musical perspectives are projected to the listener.
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    Atlantis – Electra’s Discovery

    Very limited edition of the new Atlantis EP – packed in hand-stitched cork sleeves – comes with a selection of different, hand-stamped card and paper inserts.
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