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    Mark Templeton – Gentle Heart

    Pre-order: 20 June 2017 Mark Templeton returns with the third instalment in his Heart trilogy. Following on the heels of Scotch Heart (2011) and Jealous Heart (2013), Gentle Heart is a fitting closure to this story, an album filled with bending, yearning phrases - sounds that feel like they are actually speaking to you from another time, as if they’re being piped into the room where you’re listening today. There is a continued use of elements that hearken to tape machines and older technology combined with acoustic instruments and modern studio techniques and sensibilities, squarely centered in the contemporary moment. Loops stumble and fall off their track, then regain their footing, breaking the concentration enough to remind you that someone is here and paying attention. In both structure and emotion, Templeton captures time in a novel way - connecting points that don’t immediately lend themselves to such a connection, deftly balancing qualities that are both haunting and inviting. This music is one of imagined memory, capturing moments that never happened, but could have.
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    Templeton / Armstrong: Extensions (Vinyl / DVD)

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    Release comes with a digital download coupon. Each copy from Stashed Goods comes with a limited edition postcard, 20 different postcards in all. Sound artist Mark Templeton and filmmaker Kyle Armstrong have collaborated on a film/record released as a 12” LP and DVD in tribute to Canadian media visionary Marshall McLuhan. The audiovisual elements include both original and sampled film and audio inspired by the media visionary. The LP and DVD was mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and pressed on 140g vinyl. 2015 marks the 104th birthday of Canadian visionary Marshall McLuhan. With each passing year the revelatory nature of his prophetic vision becomes more evident. The global village is becoming a distinct reality in this technological age. McLuhan’s ability to predict the full impact of technology and media on our culture decades in advance is unprecedented. And his deep concern and warnings to us in these drastic changes in civilization are rarely heeded as we head full-steam ahead past the point of no-return, the consequences which are increasingly self-evident.
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