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    Left Alone​​ – Home Find Me

    Limited edition of 67 handnumbered copies only... Side project of Sadness, Left alone... is one of those entities that delivers pure and raw emotions, great feelings of solitude, melancholy and beauty. A desolate contemplation of the world and nature. 60 minutes of massive black metal soundscapes and piano interludes that will take your soul deep into the further and will not let it go back. - DV
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    Anna M. – Au Coeur Des Pluies

    Limited edition of 30 handnumbered copies only. ... Poetic short story. 8 pages. A5. Printed on soft 100g textured paper. 160g ivory paper cover. Handsewn.
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    Sadness – Rose / Lavender

    Limited edition of 57 handnumbered copies only: Includes 2 inserts with lyrics on back and card with quote
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    Aube Grise – Hanterieur

    Handmade release. Limited edition of 44 handnumbered copies only: Includes card with quote and notes d'intention... Aube Grise is the musical moniker of Anna M, photographer and graphic designer. This new ep consists of 2 songs for and from the wasted memories. Dedicated to Katerina Golubeva.
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    Sadness – Somewhere Along Our Memory​.

    Limited edition of 63 handnumbered copies only... We are very proud to release the mastered version of this beautiful album, for the first time on Cd with a previously unreleased song & an alternative artwork (first edition released on tape by Depressive Illusions). Over an hour of contemplative black metal along with post-rock soundscapes. A beautiful violence, raw and pure emotions pouring bliss and sadness in your heart, filling your soul with love, hate and a sickened intensity. - DV
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    Misery – Asthenia

    Limited edition of 42 handnumbered copies only... ASTHENIA n. [gr. astheneia, weakness, fr. a- priv. + sthenos, strength]. 1. The lack or loss of strength or energy ; weakness ; debility. 2. PSYCHIATRY. Lack of dynamic force in the personality. Kinds of asthenia include myalgic asthenia and neurocirculatory asthenia. See also adynamia. asthenic, adj.
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