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    Delirium Cutlet Impaste

    Music by BBBlood / Posset / Stuart Chalmers... Limited edition of 50 CD-Rs, housed in a full-colour 300gsm ‘greeting card’ sleeve, featuring a collaborative collage produced by BBBlood, Posset, Stuart Chalmers and Crow Versus Crow, in a hand-stamped, numbered and sticker-sealed envelope. This record reflects an open-armed engagement with a shifting, tumultuous, uncertain contemporary world. It is a raw, joyful expression of the creative process in, and in spite of, the environment from which it is born.
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    The Thomas Family – Dub Variations

    A combination of David’s solo sketches, made using a modular synthesiser, and Daniel’s field recordings, taken in Hong Kong, formed the basis for the sessions that became these Variations... What we have here is a foundation document, an ur text, for this year’s most talked about sub-genre ‘extraction music‘. The album was recorded way before the term became common parlance on every street corner and was released way after. Hearing it is as mysterious and exciting as finding a previously missing explanatory introduction to the Voynich Manuscript. A truly essential purchase.
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