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    Fallen – Glimpses

    Black / silver cdr in folded card sleeve with grey paper folded and printed insert. Black 'obi' style strip with silver hand written artist label. Comes in a stamped, sealed envelope and plastic film outer sleeve... I composed and recorded “glimpses” at night (for the most part) feeling really calm and serene whilst recording the pieces because of the absolute silence, because of the cold outside the windows, because of the rain outdoors. “glimpses” tries to explore human emotions and feelings, acting like a cold heartless person, or like an empathetic one, or feeling very angry or totally at peace with the rest of the world. “glimpses” is having coffee at night, “glimpses” is crying gently while thinking of a dear childhood memory, “glimpses” is listening to your loved one’s breath while sleeping in the bed near to you. All this happened while I was recording in silence, while my heart was quietly beating...
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    James Landis – January Dusk

    Limited to only 50 copies… Guitar based digitally manipulated instrumental tracks from James Landis. From ambient drones to acoustic sketches with a few beats along the way…
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