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    Bible & Henry – Marker/Magnet (2 x Tape)

    Originally released individually, Bible & Henry’s Marker and Magnet are two complimentary volumes in a set that covers quite a bit of ground, and covers it quite masterfully. The duo’s work here is mostly in the area of electroacoustic improvisation and musique concrète. Jeremy and Jason manage to utilize the tiny musical space they’ve allotted themselves and stretch it out to a length of over two hours. Typically I’d say this is an accident waiting to happen, but these fellows have pulled it off with class to spare. Never does anything sound recycled or looped, never is there a moment where the music returns to a point. It is always winnowing, sifting, threshing through waves of electronic abstractions and obscured acousmatic sounds. The result is a confounding experience in which I find myself searching for some familiarity and finding little. There are moments of potential clarity, but those are seldom and surprising when they arrive. The rest of these compositions are steeped in mystery and endless engagement. This is not background music; please listen with care.
    £4.00 Quickview