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    Andrew Tasselmyer – Impulses

    Pre-Order... ships February Written and recorded by Andrew Tasselmyer Cover art by Stijn Hüwels Mastered by Ian Hawgood
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    James Murray & Mike Lazarev – Suññatā

    Following last year's reworking of ‘Living Treasure’ James Murray and Mike Lazarev present a collection of post-classical compositions woven into delicate ambient textures. Suññatā is the experience of encountering the non-self, of a sound and its reflection meeting in empty space, found here in the remarkable combined resonance of emotive piano and uniquely reactive sound design.
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    Pleq & Hakobune – Adrift (Remastered / Remixed)

    This reissue of 'Adrift' by Pleq and Hakobune is a newly packaged edition of the 2012 NKR release now on Home Normal. The newest edition has been completely remastered by Ian Hawgood and run down from the original masters to reel-to-reel for a wholly new, more open and nuanced experience. It features remixes by Olan Mill, offthesky, and Polar M, as well as gorgeous new cover art by Giulio Aldinucci.
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    Anthéne – Collide

    The focus on melodic and harmonic development is strong and distinguishes anthéne from many a modern ambient musician, but developments are still allowed space and room, so the music never feels cluttered or rushed. Instead, Collide feels sparse and clean, gleaming with icicle-like tones.
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    Silent Vigils – Wake

    After the deep monochromatic textures of 'Fieldem' and the gradually evolving impressions of hope in 'Lost Rites’ we now conclude the Silent Vigils trilogy of albums for Home Normal with ‘Wake’, an exceptional celebration of new life and boundless spirit. With Małgorzata Łapsa-Malawska once again providing her singular visual counterpoint, Stijn Hüwels and James Murray's three vigils arrive now at their perfectly formed conclusion, offering an uplifting and timely salve for these troubled times.
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    Chronovalve – Light

    'Light' is the long-awaited follow-up to Chronovalve's Home Normal debut 'Trace of Light'. Released in 2013, the album was met with critical acclaim and 'Light' continues this work with positivity of spirit and open-hearted ambient refrains. 'Even in the most ordinary moments of life, one can get a feeling that there is an inspiration, a light trying to reach through to us. A person, a place, a sound or a song might unexpectedly open us to that light. These songs are inspired by, and explore that experience…that hope… that possibility...' - Mike Engebretson (Chronovalve)
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    Phil Tomsett & The Inventors of Aircraft – The Last Things

    Another elegant addition to our jackdaw-style series, this 3 disc set is partly inspired by the novella “In the Country of Last Things” by Paul Auster. Journeying from a chaotic and poisoned metropolis to the foreboding loneliness of the countryside, “The Last Things” presents a personal struggle through hum, thunder and dread. The collection plays out as if the book itself has been buried deep in the ground and unearthed many years later, the soil having transformed the words into fragments of sound.
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    Martina Claussen – Verwoben

    acked with movement and dynamics, Verwoben swerves between the apparent, abstract and engagingly abstruse via pensive electronics, contemporary rumblings and harsher sections all swirling around the home base of Martina’s voice, that always lends the album a warmth even as the sound moves further and further out into more shadowy and desolate spaces.
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    Keith Berry – Viable Systems 3

    London-based composer Keith Berry delivers the third instalment in his well-received ‘Viable Systems’ series. Like its two predecessors, ‘Viable Systems 3’ weaves synthetic textures and shimmering, nebulous ambient elements into minimalist pieces that evoke tranquility and excitement.
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    Ishmael Cormack – Maple Finch

    Maple Finch was conceived through multiple thought channels with an approach to nature and the outdoors, the six pieces of work have a familiar theme running through them. From the perspective of the bird and its surroundings and habitat to technical elements which are in-turn connected to organic field recordings, reverbs and natural noise created during the process. Maple Finch integrates real-time-playback, multi-layered tape loops and acoustic elements along with intricate sound design - giving it a warm and uncondensed edge. A beating heart and cosmic soul can be heard running through the duration of Maple Finch, this will eventually be part of an installation - a series of vessels that contain the items that the Finch will collect during springtime, items which are essential for nest building for their offspring. The journey of the full-length release brings-together elements of spring, new life, adventure and a meditative journey through the season. It is released to coincide with astronomical spring in the UK.
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    Robert Farrugia – Worn

    Inspired by a brief stay in Finland around 2015, Maltese composer Robert Farrugia returns to his preferred instrument of the piano for his latest album Worn. Written last summer on an old multitrack cassette recorder, building from modest musical motifs with improvisational techniques, the album is pressed on aquamarine vinyl.
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    The Cray Twins – In The Company Of Architects

    For In the Company of Architects, their second album, The Cray Twins’ Paul Baran and Gordon Kennedy has assembled a virtual collective of musicians and sound artists, collaborating with only selective access to the contributions of others, and to the whole. The core duo of The Cray Twins take on the role of directors, composers and assemblers, in the process amplifying not only the performance of the collective, but also natural and artificial interferences, incorporating accidental sound sources encountered when arranging the album.
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